An Incomplete List Of Sacred Things

  1. Those poems that cut right down to the heart of you and leave burning residue up next to your bones.
  2. Wild animals, uncaged and close enough that you can meet their eyes. Existing in the same space as you, but unconcerned with you.
  3. Very early mornings, when the wind is cool and you are alone with the birdsong.
  4. The feeling that you get when you’ve absorbed so many beautiful things that you are bursting, have to exhale them back out into the world, tinted and changed with your own thoughts .
  5. The wind howling in the silence.
  6.  The night sky.
  7. Ruins and standing stones, placed there for a reason we might never know.
  8. Abandoned bones, off-white and dry.
  9. A just-ripe fruit on a plant you grew with your own hands.
  10. Stories. Especially myths, and fairy tales, and other things created to tell you how the world works.
  11. People, at their best.

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