So, as I’m sure you all remember from my last and only post,  I was kind of in a slump for a couple of days. All KINDS of anxiety and self-loathing and depression, probably a delayed response to the election results. But! I’m back! I am my usual, relatively cheerful self again.

I didn’t end up writing much on that one particular day, but the NEXT day I pulled a marathon writing spree and managed to get six and a half thousand words added to my word document. BAM. EAT IT, NANOWRIMO.

I also managed to fix the enormous plot holes that were bumming me out, so I can keep writing super easily and with enjoyment. One of these days, when I’m done with NaNo and have a completed, glorious disaster of a first draft sitting in my hard drive, I’ll tell you guys what my book is about. For now, all you need to know is that it’s a fantasy book about two demigods trying to fix their grandpa’s horrible mistake.

Anyway, I’m doing A-OK, and also I’m super rad, what is with that self-loathing thing, it doesn’t even make any sense. Not only am I an absolutely stunning and beautiful individual, I’m one of the sharpest knives in the drawer, and I like to flatter myself by saying that I am also very funny and nice.

(I write that out all confident, but it’s incredibly hard for me to say nice things about myself out loud. Eh. I’m working on it.)

How did I sign off last time? Oh, that’s right.

Goodbye, void. It’s been nice talking to you.



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